Commercial Real Estate Debt and Equity

Commercial Real Estate Debt and Equity

The acquisition and portfolio management of both commercial real estate debt and equity is a core competency of the Bay Hollow Principals.  With a combined 60+ years of experience in direct debt and equity investing for a prominent U.S. Institutional Investor, our expertise spans all major property types and markets both domestic and international. Our equity background encompasses the acquisition and management of both wholly-owned real estate as well as the creation of joint ventures with real estate developers/operators; our debt background, primarily in the role of a senior portfolio lender, includes portfolio strategy development, acquisitions, portfolio management, and restructuring experience.

Bringing cycle-tested perspective and best of class execution capabilities, Bay Hollow principals are uniquely prepared to serve their clients in a multiplicity of ways:

The Design and Development of Commercial Real Estate Investment Platforms:

For those clients interested in developing a debt and/or equity platform, we bring a wealth of knowledge from our direct experience as  Institutional  Investors. Integrating our past practices with updated organizational enhancements, we can create an operational and organizational design which is customized to our clients’ objectives. We are prepared to oversee and assist in the implementation of the platform plan, and can access resources to support its successful execution.

Acquisition/Sales Analysis:

Whether a client is seeking to acquire an ownership interest in real estate assets, or to originate commercial mortgage debt, we can advise our client as to the most suitable investments for their particular objectives.  Bay Hollow can create a comprehensive set of Investment Guidelines , an Underwriting manual, and a Market selection analysis – which can be updated on a regular basis.  Similarly, given our extensive asset disposition experience, we can facilitate a client’s sales program, assisting in the asset selection process, the packaging of assets so as to create the most optimal execution, and the identification and screening of the most capable sales intermediaries.

Debt/Equity Portfolio Analysis: 

As former senior managers of both debt and equity portfolios, we have the capability of analyzing the client’s existing portfolios and creating and implementing a disciplined, active portfolio management investment strategy which is focused on the achievement of superior risk-adjusted returns – a plan which is characterized by strategic asset allocation, selection, and systematic rebalancing.

Market Analysis and Risk Mitigation Strategy Development: 

Given our active participation in all aspects of the commercial real estate investment sector, Bay Hollow Principals can provide our clients with current market intelligence, identifying industry trends, potential challenges , and, by finding market anomalies, suggest investment opportunities. Our risk mitigation strategies work closely with our market analysis. We are focused on multiple layers of risk which may be embedded in a transaction or a portfolio, and which may thwart the successful execution of our clients’ investment objectives. Whether these risks reflect market, credit, or operational conditions, we can provide clear and comprehensive recommendations on the optimal risk mitigation techniques that can be employed.  Creation of a Hold/Sell analysis and the identification of future exit parameters are an integral component in the development of effective risk management .

Arrange Strategic Alliances:

The Bay Hollow Principals, over the course of their commercial real estate careers, have established a  vast network of industry contacts. Our close working relationships with key players in the debt and equity capital markets and all major property markets, allows us to identify, select and arrange strategic alliances for our clients,  be it with debt and/or equity providers or operating partners.