How We Help You

Our Process

When we take on a new assignment at Bay Hollow Associates, we believe in following a disciplined 5 step process which, through years of experience, has consistently clarified our clients’ investment needs, and has led to the development of actionable strategies which produce optimal results – be they in the area of new investments, platform recapitalizations, portfolio analysis and asset management, or liquidation strategies.


At the outset, we will conduct a detailed interview with all major stakeholders in your organization. Through this process, your articulation of your company’s needs will be given stronger definition, and Bay Hollow will develop a thorough understanding of your investment goals and objectives.

With this information in hand, we will refine your company’s goals and objectives, a process supported by both current market trend research as well as tapping into our reservoir of industry experts who can validate current market opportunities. The outreach to these industry participants may later serve to identify potential strategic partners in the execution of your investment plan. At this stage, we will create a plan implementation timeline.

The heart of our process is the creation of a strategic plan that is customized for your specific investment needs. The plan will be thorough, clearly articulated, and, most importantly, actionable.

The plan and alternative approaches will be presented to you and your organization. We welcome the vigorous vetting of the plan, as client buy-in is a prerequisite of a successful outcome. Bay Hollow encourages a strong collaboration in the final design of the plan, refining and modifying with our clients so as to produce the best possible product.

Lastly, Bay Hollow will oversee and implement the execution of all aspects of the strategic plan. Our clients will receive comprehensive reports on our progress, receive our documented recommendations along the way, and will ultimately be the final approver of all major actions and decisions.