Retail Real Estate

Retail Real Estate

At Bay Hollow Associates we have extensive experience in analyzing and working in Retail Real Estate. Our primary focus is ensuring that our clients are thoroughly informed of retail markets, and are provided with the tools to develop and successfully execute on their investment goals in this sector.

A 100% women-owned boutique investment advisory firm, with a combined 60+ years of Principal investment and asset management experience, together with an extensive domestic and international retail relationship network, allows us to provide our clients access to the latest information, trends and insights into the shopping center industry. Our thorough understanding of the business and financial characteristics of retail real estate enables our clients to make informed decisions, form profitable alliances, and optimize their investment results.

Bay Hollow is in a unique position to offer Investors interested in retail assets a rich and diverse menu of strategic guidance in this sector:

Strategic Planning: Bay Hollow Associates can assist their clients in developing a strategic plan for investing in retail real estate. We will work with the client to create a plan that will be thoughtfully constructed as well as actionable.  The strategic plan will include current market, retail format, and risk analyses and will contain recommendations that are tailored to the individual client’s risk tolerances.

Trend Analysis: Given our real time involvement in the retail real estate industry, Bay Hollow is able to keep clients current on specific aspects of the retail investment market, identifying current industry trends, potential challenges, and investment opportunities. Bay Hollow can provide an ongoing service to keep our clients abreast of today’s retail industry issues and advise them on all aspects of the shopping center industry, including timing of retail acquisitions and dispositions.

Portfolio Recommendation: Bay Hollow assists its clients in making informed retail portfolio decisions. Based on a client’s existing retail portfolio and/or future portfolio goals, we will analyze and make recommendations with respect to retail acquisition opportunities and, depending on the state of the retail market, we will analyze and make recommendations with respect to our client’s current retail concentrations and portfolio holdings. This could include possible liquidation of certain assets as market trends  may dictate.

Strategic Alliance: Whether you are an investor looking to access the opportunities in the retail real estate market or a current retail property owner looking for asset recapitalization, Bay Hollow can help. One of Bay Hollow’s strengths is in identifying and executing alliances between investors and shopping center owners/developers, helping both to achieve their specific real estate financial needs.

Structure Recommendations: Through current market analysis, Bay Hollow can advise clients on a beneficial structure for a transaction, terms that are equitable and market-driven, and we can recommend the appropriate leverage to apply.

Risk Management Analysis: Bay Hollow’s deep understanding of the retail real estate market allows us to provide clients with an in-depth risk analysis. We focus on embedded risk issues in a transaction – be it market/operational/tenancy – that might impede the successful execution of your investment strategy.